Reedham Children's Trust

Reedham Children's Trust is a national charity which provides early intervention support to help children whose families are unable to care for them adequately and who live in poverty. 

Reedham Children's Trust does this by awarding grants to fund a suitable residential school placement when it is judged to be in the best interests of the child. The emphasis is on social as well as educational need, to provide caring pastoral support, stability and the opportunity for educational and emotional development. We seek the most appropriate school for an individual child's needs and use both state and independent boarding schools.

Child from the Reedham children's Trust

This intervention gives disadvantaged and vulnerable children, who may be at risk of being taken into care, an opportunity to experience the stability which may be lacking at home and to live, learn and thrive in a secure and nurturing environment, while still painting a close relationship with their families, which is so important for them. Since the Trust was established in 1980, we have helped in excess of 1,000 children from around the UK to improve their lives.

"You will know the start of my childhood was not the greatest, but I would not swap my situation now for the word, and that would not have been possible without you"

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